Michael D. Pruitt

Golf Professional, Callaway Golf Staff Professional, Broken Tee Golf School Coach

Number of Years as a Golf Professional, Swing Coach, or Instructor

17 years

Number of years as a Callaway Golf Staff Professional

3 years

Teaching Philosophy

I have been studying and teaching golf swing principles since 2005. The following is my proven swing and game improvement teaching philosophy:

I begin with an assessment of the student's goals and experience. Then I take a look at the posture, grip, and aim, followed by the golf swing. Through observing body positioning, ball flight rules, and divot patterns, I can visually identify areas of strength, improvement, and adjustment. I talk about the goals and realistic timetables for improvement, provided the student practices drills and the instruction plan.

The lesson begins with applying my proven theory of movement, or the body's support of the movement of the golf club in a fun atmosphere. We identify one to two swing sequences that will be covered in each lesson. Drills would be discussed to give the student some time to practice until the next lesson.

Encouragement, reinforcing, and adjustments would take place throughout the lesson. A quick overview of the main focus would occur before the lesson ended. At the end of the lesson, we cover any additional questions, the drills to practice, and what will be covered in the next lesson.

I believe in teaching the game of golf from the ground up, with the primary focus on owning the impact zone and extending through to the target line. Work begins with chipping, followed by pitching, punching, and then the full swing. I've helped thousands of golfers reach their hidden potential and look forward to helping you.

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